Stockholm : Land of OCs

I don’t mean that in a negative way. Intended that rather as a compliment. Stockholm is postcard-pretty. So clean, so neat, so organized and orderly. Can anything go wrong here? 


One thing did go wrong.  It drizzled, and those rain clouds threatened to break out and pour all that icy water on our chilled backs. And it’s not even winter when the sun rises at 8:30am and sets at 2:30pm.  Late spring but the rains dampened our moods to explore more of the city. 


We hardly stepped out of the motorcoach. From the clifftop neighborhood of Fjaellgatan we enjoyed a sweeping vista of the city districts and scenic islands under gray skies and across the calm grayish waters. Even from a distance, one sees how green Stockholm is. The tall trees, pockets of oxygen parks and lovely squares dot the entire metropolis. 


For a country of 5 million, and a city population of only 1.5 million, Stockholm looks congested with tourists spilling out of at least 4 gigantic cruise ships docked at the wharf. All eager to see what this Baltic city offers. 


The Royal Palace, Old Town’s Great Square, City Hall, Opera House, Parliament, and Royal Theater are but a few of the major sights and landmarks here. Much to do by way of entertainment for so few residents who don’t mind paying so much for taxes for such quality living conditions. 

About lifeisacelebration

Retired early, but still active. Very involved in celebrating life! I love traveling because I always come back with less cobwebs in my mind. It is as if I empty my mind of all clutter upon departure, and fill it with many happy memories upon arrival. I also like the idea that life is so focused on the present, and my senses are all playing to listen, feel , see, smell and taste everything novel or not so new. The fact that I only have to choose from a limited wardrobe, or use the same pair of shoes throughout my holiday , or work and survive on a single budget make life so much simpler. Sure, you sometimes get a raw deal in a few trips, or feel hassled by flight delays and cancellations, but the joys and simplicity of the present far outweigh the negatives. Oh, btw, I always end up gaining more friends after each trip. Many I kept......
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