26. You pile up memories as you grow older. But not everyone would be interested in your experiences. It’s not really cool to be sharing them all the time. If you can’t help it, blog about them instead 😄 That way, your family and friends won’t be compelled to listen to your blahs.

27. Ask yourself this more often : Do you need it? If you do, how many of it do you need? Having way too much can be a chore. Unless of course you’re filling up a “brag sheet”. .


28. Wean yourself from material attachments. Less is best. It limits your choices, yes, but why agonize over trivial pursuits?

29. SIMPLIFY. A simple life with less choices, less complications, less stuff to store, less waste, may translate to a more meaningful life.


30. Love them unconditionally. No matter what. And go ahead and let them know. Share your priorities with them; through a path filled with more meaning, in relationships made more significant.

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About lifeisacelebration

Retired early, but still active. Very involved in celebrating life! I love traveling because I always come back with less cobwebs in my mind. It is as if I empty my mind of all clutter upon departure, and fill it with many happy memories upon arrival. I also like the idea that life is so focused on the present, and my senses are all playing to listen, feel , see, smell and taste everything novel or not so new. The fact that I only have to choose from a limited wardrobe, or use the same pair of shoes throughout my holiday , or work and survive on a single budget make life so much simpler. Sure, you sometimes get a raw deal in a few trips, or feel hassled by flight delays and cancellations, but the joys and simplicity of the present far outweigh the negatives. Oh, btw, I always end up gaining more friends after each trip. Many I kept......
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2 Responses to FOREVER 60 LESSONS: Part 6

  1. AJ says:

    Wow, wisdom from retirement! 🙂 This post also applies to traveling. I talk about my travels only when asked. Anyone interested can read my blog, and on my part, I’ve worked them out of my system through writing. I also don’t collect souvenirs from my trips. They eventually become a burden to own and keep. Travel memories blogged for posterity are enough.

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